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Icon Pack Cheat Sheet

For details and usage codes, click on each icon below.

lnr-home lnr-apartment lnr-pencil lnr-magic-wand lnr-drop lnr-lighter lnr-poop lnr-sun lnr-moon lnr-cloud lnr-cloud-upload lnr-cloud-download lnr-cloud-sync lnr-cloud-check lnr-database lnr-lock lnr-cog lnr-trash lnr-dice lnr-heart lnr-star lnr-star-half lnr-star-empty lnr-flag lnr-envelope lnr-paperclip lnr-inbox lnr-eye lnr-printer lnr-file-empty lnr-file-add lnr-enter lnr-exit lnr-graduation-hat lnr-license lnr-music-note lnr-film-play lnr-camera-video lnr-camera lnr-picture lnr-book lnr-bookmark lnr-user lnr-users lnr-shirt lnr-store lnr-cart lnr-tag lnr-phone-handset lnr-phone lnr-pushpin lnr-map-marker lnr-map lnr-location lnr-calendar-full lnr-keyboard lnr-spell-check lnr-screen lnr-smartphone lnr-tablet lnr-laptop lnr-laptop-phone lnr-power-switch lnr-bubble lnr-heart-pulse lnr-construction lnr-pie-chart lnr-chart-bars lnr-gift lnr-diamond lnr-linearicons lnr-dinner lnr-coffee-cup lnr-leaf lnr-paw lnr-rocket lnr-briefcase lnr-bus lnr-car lnr-train lnr-bicycle lnr-wheelchair lnr-select lnr-earth lnr-smile lnr-sad lnr-neutral lnr-mustache lnr-alarm lnr-bullhorn lnr-volume-high lnr-volume-medium lnr-volume-low lnr-volume lnr-mic lnr-hourglass lnr-undo lnr-redo lnr-sync lnr-history lnr-clock lnr-download lnr-upload lnr-enter-down lnr-exit-up lnr-bug lnr-code lnr-link lnr-unlink lnr-thumbs-up lnr-thumbs-down lnr-magnifier lnr-cross lnr-menu lnr-list lnr-chevron-up lnr-chevron-down lnr-chevron-left lnr-chevron-right lnr-arrow-up lnr-arrow-down lnr-arrow-left lnr-arrow-right lnr-move lnr-warning lnr-question-circle lnr-menu-circle lnr-checkmark-circle lnr-cross-circle lnr-plus-circle lnr-circle-minus lnr-arrow-up-circle lnr-arrow-down-circle lnr-arrow-left-circle lnr-arrow-right-circle lnr-chevron-up-circle lnr-chevron-down-circle lnr-chevron-left-circle lnr-chevron-right-circle lnr-crop lnr-frame-expand lnr-frame-contract lnr-layers lnr-funnel lnr-text-format lnr-text-format-remove lnr-text-size lnr-bold lnr-italic lnr-underline lnr-strikethrough lnr-highlight lnr-text-align-left lnr-text-align-center lnr-text-align-right lnr-text-align-justify lnr-line-spacing lnr-indent-increase lnr-indent-decrease lnr-pilcrow lnr-direction-ltr lnr-direction-rtl lnr-page-break lnr-sort-alpha-asc lnr-sort-amount-asc lnr-hand lnr-pointer-up lnr-pointer-right lnr-pointer-down lnr-pointer-left

Cloudflare CDN

The free version of Linearicons is delivered by Cloudflare CDN which means you can quickly start using it by adding two lines of code to your website.


If you want to use SVGs, paste the following script to your HTML's <head> or before the ending body tag:

This example shows how you can insert an icon.

The script above (generated by IcoMoon) loads and embeds one SVG containing all symbol definitions, with one HTTP request.

Icon Font

If you want to use icon fonts, paste the following link to your HTML's <head>:

This example shows how you can insert an icon.

Refer to the cheat sheet for a list of available icons in this icon pack.

Desktop Package

Download Linearicons' free icon pack to access the icons in the following formats:

  • Desktop Font: An installable TTF font with ligatures. By installing this font, you can easily insert the icons in any desktop application with a type tool. This font is packed with ligatures, which make it even easier to use. Simply type "pencil" or "write" to get the pencil icon. Refer to the cheat sheet for a full list of all available ligatures.
  • SVG: Can be imported to almost any vector editing software.
  • PDF: Suitable for iOS and OS X app development or importing to Adobe Photoshop.
  • WebFont: Comes with all necessary font formats (WOFF 2.0, WOFF, TTF, SVG, EOT), along with a CSS containing class name & code pairs.

Creative CommonsCC License

The free version of Linearicons is licensed under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license.
Please link to for attribution. It would be appreciated if you could also include Perxis as the creator.

If you can't include attribution, consider purchasing the premium version which doesn't require attribution.

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